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I recently finished a drawing of my own. I created it shortly after finishing a coffee, last week, early in the morning. It's not much, barely a few lines, really, but at least it's recognizable.
When I did draw regularly, it was usually a portrait. The goal was for someone to be able to look at it and instantly recognize the person that I was drawing a picture of. The worst reaction would be: " That's nice. Who is it supposed to be? "
The picture in question was scanned, run through a Photoshop program, the lines hardened a little, the blue ink converted to black, and voila!
I stared at the darn thing, over and over. I couldn't believe it. Nothing drawn in years, and here was something that I had whipped up in less than three minutes!
I had been thinking about starting a second SJ site, but with only rather vague ideas about the theme. Not any more.
Here is how it will be set up: Ideally, the page will be customized, as soon as I have a firmer grasp of HTML. The artwork will be almost entirely in black and white, with perhaps the odd splash of colour. The sketches will be based on photographs taken by a digital camera, or screen-shots of short videos, if this is more convenient. The updates will not be very frequent, at least at first, due to perfectionist tendencies ( " If I wanted stick-figures, I'd ask a five-year-old to draw this! Bah! " Crumple, crumple... toss! )
I will either create as much material I can, ahead of time, before HTML is mastered, or, just go ahead, post the stuff, and customize the page later. Ah, who am I kidding? Perfectionism and impatience go hand in hand.
Until then, more frivolity and foolishness from Uncle Fester and that other guy.
'keep ya posted.

- Posted by Uncle Fester on March 31st, 2009, 8:10 am    -   0 comments

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